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The UC Merced School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) Graduate Services team supports graduate students in achieving their educational goals. We provide student focused services, facilitate the coordination of activities and promote opportunities in order to further graduate student success. The SSHA Graduate Services Coordinators are committed to assisting students navigate their graduate career within SSHA. We present information and guidance on an array of policies, procedures and services. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and supportive environment in which all our students can reach their greatest intellectual potential through their journey from recruitment to graduation.


  • Support graduate students in understanding and navigating resources and policies on campus to resolve common and individualized challenges

  • Support academic progress for graduate students

  • Support graduate students in their funding (teaching assistantships, graduate student researchers, fellowships, etc.); and

  • Ensure that the admissions process for new graduate students into SSHA programs is smooth and transparent

Services for Graduate Students

  • Provide graduate students with information for progress to degree (i.e. resources, campus policies, school policies, etc.)

  • Facilitate interventions as necessary with graduate students who show difficulty with completing coursework, teaching assistantship responsibilities and research expectations, including sending emails, holding meetings, recommending solutions, processing paperwork and collaborating with program faculty members

  • Coordinate teaching assistantships, graduate student research positions and fellowships, including pay cycles and summer instruction opportunities; and

  • Coordinate the admissions process for new graduate students into SSHA programs, including contacting prospective students, sending acceptance correspondence, holding introductory meetings and linking new graduate students with SSHA and campus resources

Services for Faculty

  • Coordinate admissions processing in collaboration with Graduate Division; and

  • Act as policy resource in coordination with Graduate Division.


Last Updated: September 2023